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Products and suppliers sourcing services

If you are planning to import any product from Asia, especially China and you need to find the most suitable item for your business, our office in Shanghai is responsible to search and find for you the manufacturers who provide the best quality and price, saving you time and money in the process of finding and locating suppliers. We are the purchasing office and foreign trade department of several companies in Latin America.

Negotiation service of prices and payment terms

Our staff in China is fluent in Mandarin, English and Spanish, achieving an optimal communication with your suppliers. The experience and the cultural exchange of our professionals will ensure you the best benefits at the time of the negotiation, in addition to a convenient price of the products that you will request. As a special request from our clients, we subscribe exclusivity and confidentiality agreements, we also assure your payments and represent your company in Asia.

Products Development And Own Brand Assurence

We will monitor and supervise the production and manufacturing process of your orders so they are completed in the estimated time with the characteristics and the conditions agreed upon, while the negotiation is done in Asia you can put in more time to the management of your business in Latin America.

Consolidation of merchandise and shipping in port

If your final order is from different factories and different references, our staff in China will consolidate the merchandise and ship it in one or more containers, as required. This will allow you to diversify your order. We give support on the exportation documents required and shipping logistics coordination.

Finished products quality control and audit

We count with a special quality control department directed by highly experienced staff who speaks Spanish to facilitate communication and technical support to our customers in their own language. Our company makes a final inspection of the finished product, checking the good condition of your purchase in accordance with the terms agreed upon during the negotiation and following the international quality standards. This service will ensure that your product will be well accepted in the final target market. We also give to our clients a final quality report with images of the product before it’s shipped.