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Service process

Suppliers search

We provide sourcing service from reliable suppliers; our staff in Shanghai is in charge of finding the manufacturers that provide the best quality and price. We help to consolidate samples and counter-samples if required.

Terms of Negotiations

Our professionals will guarantee you the best deal, as well as a convenient price for the products you demand, we sign exclusivity and confidentiality agreements, and represent your company in Asia.

Invoices and payment to suppliers

Payment methods, delivery times, quality and prices. We develop everything in English and Mandarin languages, through the perfect knowledge of business protocol in China, saving logistical and documentation costs.

Production follow-up

We will supervise the production and manufacturing process of your orders, ensuring that the dates agreed upon due process are met.

Quality Control

One of the most important aspects when placing an order is to verify that it has been manufactured according to the negotiation. Therefore, a quality inspection will determine whether your product is or is not fit to be exported.

Loading and Consolidation

We offer advice on transport and consolidation of cargo according to your requirements and the nature of the product. If your order is from different factories and references, our staff in China will be responsible for coordinating the cargo and shipping the goods in one or several containers. This will give you the possibility to diversify your order.

Export documents

We make the issuance of invoices and other formalities to avoid problems in the nationalization process of the merchandise. Also, it is necessary to emphasize that our company manager in China is Latin, who has high experience in foreign trade and international business between Latin America and China.

After-sales service

Our service does not end once the merchandise is dispatched. As representative agent we can assert its guarantees in case it is required.