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¿why prefer us?

  • We have our own laboratories to validate product standards.


  • We have qualified personnel to perform the quality inspection (s) required for your product (s).


  • We offer the installed capacity and tools in China to ensure that your business management is backed by the highest standards.


  • We minimize the risk of importing merchandise in poor conditions or unpaid merchandise between the customer and the supplier.


  • We have logistics alliances (specialized logistics) for the handling of specialized products such as machinery and equipment.

Factory Audit:

Quality Control:

Important information

ANCLA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, informs the Latin American businessmen that when carrying out transactions abroad, especially to suppliers of the People’s Republic of China, all the necessary security measures are taken.

Bands of electronic criminals Hack the mail accounts of Chinese companies, they inform to Latin American businessmen of a bank account change and have them consign large sums of money to their accounts.

We alert the entrepreneurs about sudden changes in bank accounts, change of the name of the beneficiary to which they are consigned, change of contact negotiation leading the Chinese factory.
It is recommended to check the mail from where the information is received, sometimes the difference is a letter or a point. Make payments on corporate accounts, on behalf of factories; is more reliable than personal accounts.

In front of the account change information, the factory or the company ANCLA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED should be contacted directly to report the change. ANCLA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED shall request a letter stamped from the factory where the change is in fact certified.

It is very important to take critical reviews of the spectacular offers that appear on the internet pages, deposit in the name of the beneficiary or the factory; In China it is paid from Bank to Bank or letter of credit. Refrain from making payments by Wester Union or MoneyGram, as well as by credit cards. It is necessary to verify the existence of the factory object of the negotiation before making any disbursement, to hire agents of representation for the process of the negotiation and to carry out quality controls in the factories China.