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Ancla International

Our company was born in response to the great development of international trade between ASIA and Latin America in the last decades. The original idea was to create a company that provides services in both import and export, which facilitates trade and investment for Latin American and Asian entrepreneurs.

Our company´s main objective is to be a bridge between both sides of the Pacific, through the cultural and commercial exchange of the two continents, bringing companies and entrepreneurs together in the pursuit of successful business and lasting business relations.

Currently, our company has more than 15 years of experience in the Asian market. We are proud to be the first Latin American company in China with ISO 9001-2008 certification to quality in the field of commercial representation in Asia (import-export), Sourcing and market opening, business consulting, investment and service provision For the marketing of various products.

Our offices in Asia are held established in Hong Kong and Shanghai. We have three branches in Latin America located in Bogotá and Cali in Colombia, Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia and representative offices in Uruguay, Argentina, Panama and San José de Costa Rica.

We have extensive experience in providing services of imports of raw materials, metals, textiles, school products, office products, mass consumption, agro industrial, banking, chairs and furniture, security, electronic and technological, industrial machinery and lines Production, materials and construction machinery, among others, produced in the Asian continent.

We are different from the intermediaries, we are a purchasing and representation office in Asia. Latin American entrepreneurs can know the data of their supplier in Asia and the prices of our quotations come directly from the Asian factory.

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Ancla Shanghái – Hong Kong

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Ancla Colombia

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Ancla Colombia

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Ancla Bolivia

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Agente Ancla – Crecex

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Agente Ancla – Argentina and Uruguay

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